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Our team of experienced professionals will evaluate all aspects of your business – with a “no stones left unturned approach.” From data reviews, to system testing, field observations, and employee interviews – we will identify where your business stands today.

From there, we will identify the roadblocks – or “gaps” to excellence within your business model and provide you detailed analysis regarding areas for improvement to increase your bottom line, drive efficiency gains, streamline your processes, leverage technology, and really bring your business to the next-level.

We will provide a Gap Closure Plan to:

- Provide a Plan of Action and Milestones for improving performance
- Set realistic and attainable goals for increasing business performance and monitoring Key Performance Indicators.
- Partner with you to ensure you remain on track to achieve business excellence.


Jason McNamara

Jason McNamara

Jason McNamara has found his passion after a successful career in sales where he transitioned to Business Development, Investments, Entrepreneurship, and Coaching and Training. He cofounded 4DV’s which is a business accelerator and efficiency optimization corporation meant to help entrepreneurs quickly scale their small businesses to maximize potential. He also sits on several nonprofit boards that range from revitalizing lower-income neighborhoods to coaching youth baseball to help give back to his community. Before all this, he ventured into Real Estate flips, long-term rentals, and short-term rentals and still manages his portfolio today. He invests in businesses and endeavors not only based on extrinsic value potential but looks for opportunities that will give back to the world as well. Born in the heart of the Caribbean (USVI) and growing up in Florida, Jason learned a lot about many different cultures while excelling in school where he won many awards. One of his proudest moments was winning the American Mathematics Competition in his school of 2500 people, while he was in the tenth grade while competing against everybody else. He went on to become a certified EMT, with degrees in Accounting, Organizational Management, and an MBA from the University of Miami and he has committed himself to never stop learning. Jason joined the Navy in 2007 and trained to be an Aviation Technician on the P3 Orion aircraft and served the joint task force Guantanamo Bay assisting with prison operations and CIA interrogations where he earned two Navy and Marine Corps achievement medals and was Honorably discharged from active duty in 2010. From there he spends a few years working to help veterans overcome barriers to employment through outreach and direct job developments with interested employers and pioneered new initiatives that drastically lowered veteran unemployment in the four-county area where he worked. His father's passing changed his perception of what to do next so he took a chance on a new career. Jason is no stranger to taking a risk so he decided to step out of his old position and take on a new one, door-to-door sales. This is where he feels he evolved the most. “I remember someone pulling a gun on me after I knocked on the door, the trick in sales is similar to everything in life, stay calm and think. I wasn’t shot. I was able to diffuse the situation with my words and smile and then ten minutes later the gentleman came back out with his credit card”-Jason McNamara. After a few months, he was quickly promoted to Sales Supervisor where he trained dozens of new successful sales reps and eventually moved on to other positions achieving the highest ever recorded sales, a wall full of plaques and awards, and many bonus checks. His true passion wasn’t in selling services anymore though, he wanted to do more and give back. “I treat every customer like I would my own grand-mother, attention to detail, integrity, honor, certain core values resonate with a customer and trust-building is essential in continuing any successful business endeavor. Sales and Lead Gen are extremely complex and there is no one size fits all solution. Each campaign should be customized for maximum outcome.”-Jason McNamara

Jordan Kahle

Jordan Kahle

Jordan Kahle is a culture-creative and strategic Operations Leader and Training Manager. Jordan has been successful in transforming operational processes. His expertise is in integrating process optimization and controls, boosting staff productivity, and delivering smart staff training and operational performance.

Jordan is a US Navy Veteran, having been a Chief Nuclear Reactor Operator on Submarines. After his time in the Navy, Jordan worked for over a decade in Operations and Training for commercial nuclear power plants and natural gas utilities. Jordan is a Six Sigma Black Belt, a certified Navy Master Training Specialist and Institute of Nuclear Power Operations/World Association of Nuclear Operators certified Instructor.

He is a staunch advocate for Veterans, volunteering his time to assist with VA claims, interview preparation, and job searches. Jordan is a youth baseball coach, and co-founder of a nonprofit dedicated to teaching baseball fundamentals while instilling the values of respect and integrity in his players and fostering a love of the game.

Jordan is also the Chairman of the board for a community stabilization and revitalization nonprofit which focuses on the empowerment of residents toward the continuous improvement of their community.

Rich Williams

Rich Williams

Rich Williams is a servant-leader who empowers others to achieve optimal results. Rich has found success in the business world as a results-driven project and process manager. His expertise is in the Agile delivery processes, lean operations, and in identifying niche tech solutions for business applications.

Rich is a US Army Veteran, having been a Bradley Fighting Vehicle commander while on active duty and a Transportation Management Coordinator during his time in the reserves. Rich has also served his community as a Florida Highway Patrolman. After Rich’s service in the Army and time in Law Enforcement he was instrumental to the technological growth of an internet-based healthcare company followed by managing a successful integration of a natural gas utility with a multi-faceted and geographically de-centralized team into a Fortune 500 energy corporation. Rich is a Six Sigma Yellow Belt and certified IT Project Manager.

Rich is very involved in his community. His volunteer activities include being a youth mentor, a football coach, and a Tactical Flight Officer for his local Sheriff’s Department aviation unit. Rich is also a board director for several non-profits in his community, including a community stabilization and revitalization nonprofit which focuses on the empowerment of residents toward the continuous improvement of their community.